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Healthy gums are generally a light to medium shade of pink. They look and feel firm instead of soft or spongy, and they fit snugly against your teeth without pulling away from your roots. You should not experience pain or discomfort when brushing, flossing or eating cold foods.

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Are you afraid of the dentist’s chair? Is anxiety keeping you from scheduling regular dental checkups or the treatments that you need? Sedation dentistry is a new option available for those that find the thought of undergoing dental procedures scary or anxiety-inducing. We have developed a unique approach towards comfort at our dental office that can be personalized to meet your specific needs.

At our office, we offer a full range of dental services, from cosmetic procedures to root canals to simple cleanings. Any of those options can be customized through a sedative dentistry approach so that you are as comfortable as possible during the duration of your treatment. Our dentist and team members understand how intense the anxiety around dental visits can be, and we’ll work hard to be sensitive to all of your needs.

Few people really look forward to their appointments with the dentist, but some find it so unnerving that they put off getting any dental procedures at all, even when they need them badly. The longer you go without seeing a dentist, the more your dental problem progresses. That’s why our office has developed a new approach that uses a combination of drug therapy and relaxation techniques to ensure your complete comfort during your visit to our office.

We offer three levels of sedation dentistry:

  • Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas is the lightest form of sedation available and also one of the safest. Inhalation sedation or nitrous oxide reduces stress and anxiety, which allows the patient to be more relaxed and their dental procedures to be completed with ease. The other advantage to using laughing gas is that after the procedure is completed, the patient is given 100% oxygen, and within a few minutes, the effects of the laughing gas leave your system. There is no recovery time and no delay in leaving the office following your treatment. The use of nitrous oxide allows you to drive yourself home after your procedure.
  • Oral conscious sedation is a combination of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and anti-anxiety medication. Valium (or similar) is provided to the patient via prescription, which is taken before bedtime the evening prior to your appointment and again one hour before your scheduled appointment time the following morning. Once in the dental chair, nitrous oxide will also be administered. This type of sedation allows you to communicate with the dentist, but you may not remember any of your treatment. You must have a responsible adult bring you to your appointment and take you home.
  • IV conscious sedation provides a deeper level of sedation and is administered by IV (intravenously). As a result of this increased sedation level, patients with severe anxiety or dental phobia can be successfully treated. This also allows for longer appointments in order to complete as much treatment as possible and minimizes the number of visits necessary to complete treatment. As with conscious sedation, IV sedation requires that you have a responsible adult with you to take you home.

If you are interested in utilizing sedation dentistry in Pasadena, Maryland, Dr. Gary Barker will first evaluate you to be sure that sedation is a safe option for you. Your medical history will be reviewed in order to qualify you for sedation. Call 410-846-9122 today to learn more!